Our Mission

About Ort Farms

We are a family farm located in Long Valley, New Jersey.  Long Valley is nestled in a scenic area of Morris County, conveniently located in close proximity to New York City. We farm 400 acres of land in Morris County and work through all four seasons to give our customers fresh fruit and vegetables, blooming annuals and perennials, delicious baked goods, giant pumpkins and family fun in our corn maze, and handmade holiday decorations.

(Left to Right) Nicole Ort with Father, Harvey Ort Jr. and Grandfather, Harvey Ort Sr. All three are active members of the farm.

"I guess I was born to be a farmer," shrugged the Long Valley native. "Once you've started farming, it sort of gets in your blood." If you're an Ort, a love of farming flows through your veins as naturally as the rich soil of Long Valley grows sweet corn and pumpkins.

-Harvey Ort Sr.
The Star Ledger, October 25 1995 

Our Mission

Our promise to our customers is to deliver quality products and services in a way that is convenient and affordable.  We pride ourselves on being a family owned business with a well established reputation. We seek to satisfy our customers by exceeding their expectations of quality and service.

A Family Business

We pride ourselves on being a family owned business. After William Ort settled in Long Valley in the mid 1800's, he began fostering a passion for farming that has continued to travel through six generations of Orts.  In 1916, the Ort Family Farm was established in our current location.

Presently, Harvey Ort Jr., Harvey Ort Sr., and John Ort hold the management positions at the farm. Harvey Jr. and John are 1 of 10 children raised on the farm by Harvey Sr. and wife. Apparently, the tradition of farming stuck in our blood as everyone (children, grandchildren and great grandchildren) remain involved with the farm. Nicole Ort and Sarah Ort, Harvey Jr's daughters are the youngest full time members of the Ort Farms team. However, anyone can tell ya it's easy to spot about a dozen Orts on the property at any time. Many of our family members are involved with the farm whether it be part time positions, summer jobs, or just an extra set of hands during our fall festival in October. We have lots of fun working together and we truly enjoy sharing the bounty of the farm with you, our customers.