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What is a CSA?

CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture: "A CSA consists of a community individuals who pledge support to a farming operation where the growers and consumers share the risks and benefits of food production. CSAs consist of a system of weekly pick-up of vegetables and fruit."

Our Purpose

In Fall of 2011 we devoted ourselves to starting a CSA. Our motivation for starting a CSA program was to connect our consumers to our farm and allow them to understand and feel confident in the source of their food. Being farmers in Long Valley for 99 years, it is important to us to provide our community with the knowledge and accessibility to healthy & local produce. We want our customers to have the opportunity to get fresh produce and experience the health benefits that come along with it.


2024 Season Start Date: Week of June 3rd

2024 Season Details

-Choose from our 18 week season or 23 week season (includes our 5 week extension)

-1 Vacation week worked into the season

-Receive weekly recipes and produce care instructions

-Substitutions allow you to remove produce you may not use and swap it for something else

-You can have your share pre-boxed or box it yourself and hand-select each items, to ensure it meets your needs

-Multiple pick up day options (Tuesday or Thursday)

-CSA Home Delivery available to those within 8 miles of Ort Farms!!

-Membership Benefits

  • Shareholders get 10% discount to use towards farmstand purchases during the 2024 CSA season
  • CSA Member farm tour and exclusive events
  • CSA Kids Club included with every membership

-Plenty of add-on options!

  • Add on local eggs, cheese, milk, bread, jelly, or a local specialty item to your share!!

-Our CSA produce is grown naturally and sustainably, without GMO seeds and using Integrated Pest Management

    View our list of produce that might be in your share

    (Actual weekly variety changes weekly based on season and harvest)


    View Our THREE Different Share Sizes!!!

    The three different share sizes we offer are Personal, Half, and Full.

    Full Share

    Our Full Share is designated for families of 4+ or anyone who loves to cook!!

    • 13-15 different types of produce each week
    • Season cost: $51.50/ per week




    Half Share

    The Half Share is designated for families of 2-4, perfect for anyone who is on the go! Great for anyone with small children!! Includes a great mix of common cooking vegetables and fruits.

    • Receive 9-12 different types of produce each week!
    • Season cost: $37.95/ per week

    Personal Share

    Our Personal Share is perfect for single people or couples. Includes basic and essential fruits and vegetables most commonly used.

    • Receive 6-8 different types of produce each week
    • Season cost: $29.50/ per week

    Why Ort Farms?

    Fully Customizable Program

    The most flexible program in the area- you get what you want each week!


    Receive a variety of homegrown and local fruits and vegetables, plus weekly bonus items- meat, homegrown pickles, and more!

    Great Value AND Exclusive Member Events

    Competitive price and save even more with your 10% discount in our farmstand! Participate in CSA Kids Club, get access to our PYO fields, CSA Farm Tours, and CSA Day just for YOU!

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