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We have hiring opportunities from March-December

Minimum requirements for employment:

Age 15+

Ability to lift at least 30 lbs

Be friendly, outgoing and eager to work.

Open Positions as of 8/20/20:

Farmers Market Associate

Current Opportunities:  Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday 10-12 hour shifts

  In this position, you will set up our stand at a farmers’ market and sell various farm products and our produce from May through December.

Summary of Essential Job Functions

  • Sell our own Jersey Fresh produce and various farm products at outdoor farmers’ markets

  • Be a representative and ‘face’ of Ort Farms to build strong customer relationships with a diverse set of consumers in the cities, to help promote repeat sales and possible visits to the farm

  • Promote homegrown and local produce and quality products produced at our family farm

Minimum Requirements

  • 16 years of age or older

  • High School Diploma

Abilities Required

  • Fluent in the English Language

  • Strong understanding of American currency

  • Ability to lift up to 40 pounds

  • Knowledge of fruits and vegetables, and ability to discuss their uses

  • Ability to work weekends

  • Flexible work schedule

  • Ability to work for the entire market season outdoors (May through December), which includes working in summer heat and winter cold.



Fall Festival Associate Job Summary

Position: Fall Festival Attendant

Current Opportunities: September through early-November, weekends only

Summary of Essential Job Functions

  • Sell tickets to our fall festival activities

  • Explain about activities available to our customer and help them to learn about our family farm

  • Help to prepare food

Minimum Requirements

  • 14 years of age or older

Abilities required

  • Ability to work in a fast-paced environment

  • Strong understanding of cash handling

  • Good people skills

  • Team work attitude

  • Fluent in the English language

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