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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Do you offer delivery?
    We are now offering delivery for the online store within 8 miles.


  2. Can I add items to my order after it was placed?
    The only way to add items to your order is to make a 2nd order, we cannot add orders when you arrive.


  3. The online store is unavailable- am I doing something wrong?
    No, you aren't. When we are at capacity- we disable the online store.


  4. Is the pickup contactless?
    Yes, if you prefer contactless pickup, you can pull into our Curbside Pickup area and we will bring your items to your car.


  5. Can I shop in the farm market when I arrive to purchase additional items?
    Yes- our farm market is open 9-6 during pick up days.


  6. I got a text message saying my order is ready, but I wasn't scheduled until later today. Should I come pick up now?
    If you get a text saying your order is ready- you can come to pick up.


  7. Some items were missing from my order- how is this handled?
    We will refund your out of stock items electronically within 48 hours of pick up. You will receive an email confirming the refund. You cannot use the credit for something else or come pick up missed items on another day.


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