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STEM Superstars "Going Green"

STEM Superstars "Going Green"

Calling all junior scientists and environmentalists! Ort Farms STEM Superstars "Going Green" series will take place the last Thursday of every month starting at 4pm and is available to ages 6-12. Learn all about the science behind environmental topics and small steps we can make toward caring for mother nature and reducing food waste! 

*Attend each class to redeem a prize at the end!!! Buy tickets for 5 classes today and get the last one FREE!!!*

April 27th: Protect the Pollinators - What is a pollinator? Why are they important? We'll be answering these questions and more while seeding pollinator gardens and making pinecone bird feeders!

May 25th: DIY Herb Gardens - We'll compare the environmental impact of dried, store bought herbs vs. fresh, homegrown herbs! We'll also taste the herbs and discuss the smell-receptor gene that causes some people to think cilantro tastes like soap!!! Each child will plant and take home their very own herb garden.

June 29th: Strawberry JAMboree - June on the farm means STRAWBERRIES!!! We all love picking strawberries, but often times we can't possibly eat all the strawberries we pick before they go bad. We'll talk about the shelf life of different foods and how to extend it in an effort to reduce food waste. Then, we'll make our own strawberry jam for everyone to bring home and enjoy with their families!

July 27th: The Dirt on Clean Water - Put on your lab coats, because we're experimenting today! We'll discuss the dangers of pollutants in groundwater and test the ability of soil to filter those pollutants. This fun and interactive science experiment will provoke your STEM Superstar to ask hard hitting questions concerning pollutants in our water supply AND in our soil.  

August 31st: Compost in a Bottle - What is compost? How is it made? Come on down to the farm to get the answers! We'll be discussing the science behind compost and its many benefits, then each child will have the chance to make their own compost inside an empty 2 liter bottle. With the right attention and care, you will have rich and nutrient dense soil in no time!

September 28th: "Going Green" Goal Charts - Go Green with us at Ort Farms! We'll be creating goal charts to encourage small changes that can make a big difference! Whether it's turning off the water while you brush your teeth, or switching to reusable water bottles, we'll help you reach your goals by creating a visual representation of your accomplishments. If you want to be more eco friendly, but you aren't sure where to start, this is the perfect place for you! In our season finale of STEM Superstars, anyone who has attended all six sessions will be given an extra special prize! Don't miss out - come to Ort Farms and GO GREEN!!!
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