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Ort Farms Story Time - Fall on the Farm

Ort Farms Story Time - Fall on the Farm

Join us for Story Time every Thursday at 10AM throughout September and October!!!

Geared toward ages 2-6, all ages welcome. Tickets must be purchased online and are required for all children 12 months and older. Adults do not need tickets. Story Time will always meet in the large event tent across the street from the farm store. The event will take place rain or shine. No refunds or exchanges.


September 7th: “Apple Picking!" - Meet us in the event tent for an apple themed story, then we'll walk to the apple orchard together! Everyone will be given a 1/4 peck bag to fill with delicious Gala and Honeycrisp apples! 

September 14th: “Cider & Donuts in the Orchard" - Join us in the orchard for a story time among the apple trees! We'll meet in the tent, walk to the orchard, and read our story between the rows of trees! Then we'll have apple cider and cider donuts for a snack!

September 21st: "Story in the Corn Maze" - Are you ready to take the challenge?? This week we're testing out the corn maze! We'll meet in the tent and walk down to the maze, where we'll read our fall themed story. Then everyone will have the opportunity to test their skills and see how long it takes to get through the maze. 

September 28th: "Fall Leaf Art" - Come on down to the farm for an extra special story time! We'll start by reading a fall story, then we'll go on a scavenger hunt for beautiful fall leaves. We'll use the leaves to make a craft you can display in your window! Your kiddo will have so much fun, they'll never want to "leaf" the farm!!!

October 5th: "Painting Pumpkins" - Join us for a pumpkin painting party! We'll read a story about pumpkins, then each child will receive a sugar pumpkin and some paint. Give your little one the opportunity to explore their creative side while being immersed in nature. 

October 12th: "Down in the Patch" - Load up the hayride, we're headed down to the pumpkin patch!!! We'll read our story on the hayride, then each child has the opportunity to pick their very own pumpkin to take home! Don't miss out on this opportunity to create a fun fall memory with your youngsters! 

October 19th: "Meet the Baby Goats!" - Our goat mommas had their babies!!! Join us in reading them their very first story, then all the kids will have the chance to meet the kids! (goat kids that is) We will take turns meeting and greeting starting with the youngest child and ending with the oldest. Everyone will be given a coloring packet to work on while they wait patiently to see the babies! 

October 26th: "Costume Party!!" - It's spooky season!!! We're celebrating here on the farm with a costume party!!! Get your (kid friendly) costume on and head on down to Ort Farms! Enjoy a Halloween themed story, a donut eating challenge, Halloween coloring pages, spooky season music, and more! You're not going to want to miss this spook-tacular story time!

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