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Environmental Club

Environmental Club

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8/2- Reduce, Reuse, REPURPOSE: We're getting crafty this week! Look through your house for a container that could be repurposed as a pencil holder, a small storage space, or a container for plants! Bring it over to Ort Farms where we'll be decorating our repurposed container to fit our own personal style. Then, we'll recall some of the small changes we can make in an effort to reduce our carbon footprint, and put those ideas on paper with a design challenge, where we'll be creating flyers encouraging our peers to be more eco friendly! Don't miss out on the fun, head over to Ort Farms!


8/9- Pick, pick, pickle! This week we will talk about the growing requirements for different types of veggies, then picking our own! We will also dive into the topic of food science through discussions about food preservation and preparation. Finally, we will pickle some of the vegetables we picked for everyone to take home and enjoy!


8/16- Oil Spill Cleanup: We will be talking about the detrimental impact of oil spills, how they occur, and current efforts toward eliminating the risk of ocean contamination. Then, we will work hands on to (safely) replicate an oil spill and work together to reverse the damages. Once the situation is all taken care of, we'll move on to discuss the importance of biodiversity in various environments, then design an environment of our own, noting the different examples of biodiversity among plants and animals. Come join us, all are welcome!


8/23- Season Finale! Have you ever visited a farm year after year and wondered why the fields are planted with different crops each time you visit? This is an environmental farming technique called "crop rotation." For our final environmental club meeting, we will discuss the importance of crop rotation and its impact on the environment, then put our knowledge to the test with a board game that serves as a real life application of crop rotation. Then, we'll cut our own sunflowers and talk about what they do for the soil! Finally, we have an end of the season surprise for everyone that attends! We hope to see you there!

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