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Ort Farms introduces a special program for small businesses, neighborhood groups, churches, and corporations. This program allow customers to get healthy, fresh, and local produce delivered right to their workplace, or group meeting place on a weekly basis throughout the summer months. Shares include greens, vegetables and fruit. Weekly recipes and nutrition info also included. Membership perks include farm tours and a 10% discount card for our Farm Store.

Duration: The season runs from June 1st - October 21st
21 weeks of delivery (pickup for 20 weeks)

Getting Started

If you are interested in having this program at your workplace, contact us today! We are looking for team captains to start a share at their office. Team captains will receive their share for at least 50% off and potentially FREE.

  • Choose a location
  • Volunteer or elect a Team Captain to host your community chapter
  • Gather 15+ members in your community to sign up for our CSA to get delivered to your neighborhood

Team Captain Requirements:

  • Responsible for recruiting at least 20 members at your site
  • Responsible for share allocation each week (about 1-2 hours).
  • This includes overseeing all members pickup their correct items on a weekly basis

We are currently seeking corporate and neighborhood shares within 40 miles of our location.

How it works

Did you find a neighbor chapter near you or interested in joining/starting one? Here's a rundown of how our delivery CSA chapters

  • Sign up through our online platform
  • Choose your share size & any add on's you'd like to add​
  • At the start of the season, we'll send you an email at the beginning of every week with the items allocated for your share size this week
  • We'll pre-box your order and deliver on your pick up day (Wednesdays)
  • On your pickup day, we'll send you a reminder email to pickup your share at your chapter host's location
  • Don't forget your eggs, cheese, or any other add on's you signed up for!
  • Grab your share, and enjoy!

Weekly Snapshot

Monday: Receive a list of what will be in your share that week.

Delivery Day: Produce will be delivered to your delivery location (workplace, church, chapter leader's home, etc).  The team captain will be responsible for allocation. Your members can pick up their produce at work and head home and enjoy delicious, local, fresh produce with their family. You will also receive the weekly recipes in your email.

You will also receive a "Swap Box" with extra items to swap items to receive a variety that better suits your needs.

Please note: substitutions are not available for the workplace delivery option. The "swap box" is a great alternative that provides customers with flexibility.

Full Share

Designed for families of 4+ or anyone who loves to cook and is a devoted locavore.

  • 13-16 different types of produce each week
  • Season cost: As low as $42.00/week + delivery

View weekly share samples

Half Share

Designed for families of 2-4, perfect for anyone who is on the go! Great for anyone with small children. Includes a great mix of common cooking vegetables and fruits.

  • 10-13 different types of produce each week!
  • Season cost: As low as $27.00/week + delivey

View weekly share samples

Personal Share

Perfect for single people or couples. Includes basics and essential fruit and vegetables most commonly used.

  • 7-9 different types of produce each week
  • Season cost: As low as $19.00/week + delivery

View weekly share samples


Host a Group Health Program

More Info:

  • View a list of our CSA produce
  • See samples of weekly shares
  • For more information contact Nicole at
  • If you have an idea or are looking for something more, give us a call! We are always open to explore new ideas and suggestions. 908-876-3351